Bolton Subpoena Seems Likely

Bolton Subpoena Seems Likely

( – President Trump’s impeachment trial has wrapped up and he was acquitted of all charges. It isn’t over, though. Democrats are indicating that they won’t let former National Security Adviser John Bolton’s potential testimony go unheard.

Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) told reporters about his reasoning, saying America has a lawless president.

Nadler also wants Bolton to talk about issues outside of the Ukraine situation. House Democrats have issued other congressional probes about the president’s actions. They believe that Trump has committed more wrongdoings that warrant the public’s attention.

Bolton stated he was willing to testify during the impeachment trial, however, a vote was held to prevent new testimonies or pieces of evidence from being introduced. Most senators believe it’s an unnecessary distraction and a way to prolong an impeachment inquiry that wasn’t fully investigated.

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  2. That testimony is flawed to say the least you are talking about someone who was fired from his position which paid a high salary with much celebrity. He never has held a position for long, but always had something to say.

  3. John Bolton is a Liar, no one in the WH got along with him that is documented. He is just trying to sell a BOOK a partial fiction book. It’s all about sour grapes again, he was fired.

  4. Did Bolton say he would testify in the impeachment trail or is that hearsay? I have heard the Bolton will not testify even if he is subpoenaed….

  5. trump is guilty but the republicans who are his followers in the senate are just as guilty. We the people need the truth although I think most of us no trump is a rouge president and should have been removed from office, he has been that way all his life. All the rotten things in his life will catch up with him one way or another. The group of people that denied what he is doing are the same class of people.

  6. tell nader he knows he knows where he can go. No way can he get more
    information on President Trump. A vote has already been made to get
    any more information. Mr nader is a man that does not know his ass from
    a hole in the ground. A ground hog knows more than he does. Kiss him
    good by. A no good man that the DNC has

  7. Dems & Nadler don’t get it. The American people get the Dems have no interest in doing the job they were eelected to do

  8. All you Democratic ‘s “GET A LIFE”,recognize you “LOST”! It’s quite clear President Trump and the Republican Party is smarter than all of you! Now if you were smart,you would stop wasting the American Tax Payers money on foolish things and focus on issues that concern Americans.

    President Trump was on the mark when he directed his campaign and his time in office on MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

  9. Sure, the Republicans think It’s an unnecessary distraction – it’s an unnecessary distraction from the solid barrier they put up against the impeachment of Donald J Trump in a solid wall of farce- What a gutless crowd! Only Mitt Romney showed some courage and is to be congratulated – He reminded me of the great hero John McCain who was denigrated by Donald Trump because of flat feet or something equally minor,, ducked his term in service. Pitiful!



  10. What’s the duty of the House of Representatives in America’s Democracy system for ? Should we better play Russia system or China system instead ?

  11. The Democrats have wasted enough
    Time and Taxpayers money on their
    Nonsense! Start working with Our
    President and not against Him! We
    Feel you don’t want Him to look good
    With all His accomplishments, already
    Without much help from you
    Because you just had to investigate
    Every move he made and all his
    Conversations, which I Feel were
    None Of Your Business! Those
    That live in glass houses shouldn’t
    Throw stones! He is correct in
    Telling you that you lied when
    You sounded like you were
    Praying for Him! You better go
    And confess to your Priest and
    Do lots of Hail Marys! Shift is
    No angel either, if his eyes get
    Any bigger they’ll be popping
    Out of his head! I wonder if
    He only uses his head for a hat
    Rack! Big Shame On All of you
    Trouble Makers! If only you could
    Loose your jobs, because, A lot
    Of People want to know just
    What you’ve been doing good
    For Our Country to deserve
    Your salary! Be Truthful for
    Once! The public has been
    Watching You! Did you ever
    Hear the saying Do Unto Others
    As you would want others to
    Do to you? Just think about it!
    I’m seriously praying for you
    All to get some common sense
    And get helping President Trump
    And His team to Continue making
    America Greater Than Ever!
    God Bless Our Country And All
    Who Are Working Hard for Us!

  12. Stop the madness. The Democrats are obstructionists who never will get over losing the 2016 election.

  13. Nadler should waddle out of the House & retire. He should look into his own party &all of their dealins throughout the world. Incl. himself. Pious idiot!

  14. When are they going to learn that we have a president for the people and not for their favor. This is something that has never happened in my lifetime . If they keep it up all the trash is going to come out and they are scared to death that it’s going to happen. If they cant get rid of a real president of the people and for the people they will end up paying the price. They say they speak for the American people but that is far from the truth they are speaking for their party and no one else. All I can say is suck it up butter cup because you’ll have four and a half more years to hide and tell falsehoods .

  15. Do it, even if just to aggravate Trump further. He always reacts in a way that does him more damage than good. And the truth needs to be heard to offset all the “vindication” histrionics.

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