Bomb Threats Rock Over a Dozen Schools

Bomb Threats Rock Over a Dozen Schools

( – February 1, was the start of Black History Month in the United States. What’s usually a celebration of the diversity in America has turned into a day of extreme stress for students across the country.

Thirteen historically black colleges and universities (HCBU) went into lockdowns or closed on the first day of the month after receiving bomb threats. It was the second time this week, and the third in the past month that they’d received threats. The FBI is involved in investigations into the threats. The agency released a statement saying it’s aware of the threats and are working with local law enforcement to address them.

Howard University issued a shelter-in-place order on Tuesday, but others shortly followed. Morgan State University President David K. Wilson released a statement saying officials were searching the campus to ensure it was safe for students and staff. He said the school would emerge from this situation strong, just like it always does when it faces challenges.

According to reports, law enforcement officials and the FBI have identified six possible suspects. All of them are juveniles, and officials say they appear to be “tech savvy.” They reportedly used sophisticated methods to hide their identities to make racially-motivated threats.

The investigation is ongoing.

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