Booker Campaign Struggling as Super PAC Folds

Booker Campaign Struggling as Super PAC Folds

Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) started the Democratic presidential race as a favorite among minorities and the party’s ultra-liberal wing. However, lately, his campaign has been flagging badly. The main problem he’s facing is funding, or rather the lack of it.

Early in the campaign, Booker said he didn’t want money from Super PACs. He restated that position last month. Unfortunately for Booker, without a significant source of cash, his campaign is being financially outgunned by rivals.

There’s also a good chance he won’t qualify for the December debate.

Despite Booker’s opposition to Super PACs, two were formed to support his campaign. One of them, set up in mid-November, says it plans to spend a million dollars on Facebook and Instagram ads. The other, Dream United, has been running for almost a year, however, it’s now closing up shop with little over a million raised (most of which came from its founder’s wife).

The problem for pro-Booker Super PACs seems to be that potential donors are taking the candidate at his word and refusing to donate. It’s a principled position to take, but one that may not be viable for his chances at obtaining the DNC presidential nomination. It now seems like Booker may have torpedoed his own campaign.

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