Border Restrictions Updated

Border Restrictions Updated

( – America is still working its way through the pandemic and part of that has involved shutting down border crossings. President Donald Trump wanted to make sure the virus didn’t spread more as people entered the US. Now, it looks like those rules may stay in place for a bit.

On March 21, the CDC issued a 30-day lockdown on non-essential travel from Canada and Mexico into the US. That was later extended another 30 days as the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported on April 20.

With all of these extensions and no signs of COVID-19 going away anytime soon, that non-essential travel restriction could be indefinitely extended.

The order is currently under review by several facets of the government. CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield stated this border lockdown would persist until he deems the virus “has ceased to be a danger to the public health.” The organization will review the policy every 30 days, but it won’t need reauthorization to keep the border closed to immigrants.

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  1. I too would shut it down for good!!! We don’t need anymore free-loaders. Did you ever notice that when something is given away for free they are front and center. An American would not have a chance.

  2. Keep the border closed. If other nations do it so can we. Free rides on the true american people should end permanently.

  3. Keep the southern border closed permanently! We have enough of them here now that we have to pay for and are using up our retirement dollars! Get our Country back open to our own people, and get rid of the Dems. who are pushing to keep it closed! We praise our President for the job he has done and is doing, and we pray he will continue to do a job in the years to come, IF the people of this country will wake up and see that he has done the best job of all, in keeping this country going. And no more Dem. ‘stimulus checks’, as we just need to get back to work and get this Great Nation back to working again!

  4. Keep the border shut tired of paying taxes for illegal ;;By the way what is the definition of ILLEGAL??? YOU WOULD FIND VERY QUICKLY SOUTH OF THE BORDER IF THE SHOE WAS ON THE OTHER FOOT. ENOUGH!!!!

  5. Too bad that it took a pandemic to halt the illegal immigration but I’m happy that we don’t hear much whining from democrats on stopping the caravans from entering the country at the southern border.

  6. The border closure between Canada and the US renders a terrible consequence to anyone that lives and/or does business in both Alaska and a south US state. The need to travel back and forth is now prohibited so creates a huge problem for those who need to commute to Alaska. Hopefully, this will be taken into consideration very soon.

  7. Finish the wall and close the tunnels! So far very very good. We don’t need our jobs taken from the unemployed, we don’t need freebies to foreigners when we still have vets in need and homeless people, and we don’t need child trafficking or drugs entering our country for the sick evils of a particular rich elite class of scum buckets. Come through legally, and get your green card. Then you can come through with welcome arms. But covid changes everything and we can’t let people who carry it or have no medical care into the US. Slam dunk! That’s it!

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