Brawling Woman With Super Strength Claims To Be a God

Brawling Woman With Super Strength Claims To Be a God

( – Sometimes narcotics can cause those who use them to have a surprising amount of strength. That seems to be what happened in an unusual incident in Miami recently.

On December 11, police in Miami Beach attempted to arrest 26-year-old Emily Thomas Lochten. The young woman reportedly became “aggressive and hostile,” according to local 10 News. She began screaming and hit the law enforcement officer in the face. Another officer tried to help the first, but Lochten also tried to hit him. Multiple officers had to get involved in order to handcuff her.

The police report noted the suspect had “unusual strength” that was likely from “an unknown substance.” During the fight with officers, Lochten claimed that she was “a god from ancient Egypt” who could take them all on.

The suspect was originally detained after she allegedly stopped her car in traffic and began screaming and hitting cars. Then, she parked the vehicle and walked over to a restaurant, where she hit and threatened someone who passed by her. She began throwing items and slamming tables. When an officer tried to incapacitate her with their stun gun, the weapon was not successful.

After Lochten’s meltdown, law enforcement called in first responders and restrained her on a stretcher. She was taken to a hospital afterward, where she was medically cleared. She is now facing charges of disorderly conduct, resisting an officer without violence, resisting with violence, battery on an officer, and assault on an officer.

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