Bronx Crowd for Trump’s Rally Looked Nothing Like Typical MAGA Supporters

( – President Joe Biden is hemorrhaging black and Latino voters across America. Former President Donald Trump is gaining support among those demographics. A recent rally in the Bronx highlighted that.

On May 23, the former POTUS spoke in front of one of the most diverse crowds to ever turn out for a Trump rally. Typically, the former president’s audiences are very white. This time, Hispanic and black voters turned out en masse to hear their fellow New Yorker speak. There was also a large presence of working-class voters at the event, a group Trump has always been able to draw in.

The former president lost the Bronx in both 2016 and 2020. This time around, he’s hoping to peel enough voters away from Biden to give him a win in the state. Also, it’s part of a larger effort to woo minority voters over to the MAGA coalition.

The Trump campaign claimed 25,000 people turned out to hear him speak. Law enforcement said the rally was big, but not that large. They estimated the crowd was between 8,000 and 10,000 people.

During his speech, Trump spoke about growing up in New York City. He painted himself as just another New Yorker who wanted to make the Big Apple great again. The former president promised the crowd that he would revamp the subway system if they elected him, and he told them he’d clean up the city’s parks.

Former New York Democratic Gov. David Paterson said the turnout at the event should serve as a wake-up call for Biden. Democrats have long faced allegations that they just expect minority voters to turn out for them, but then they forget about them after the vote. Paterson warned Democrats that they weren’t going to win the next election by simply criticizing Trump for what he did while he was president.

The election is less than six months away, and Trump is leading Biden in most battleground states.

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