Bud Light Photo Leaked of Top Executive’s Past

Bud Light Photo Leaked of Top Executive's Past

(NewsReady.com) – Bud Light’s vice president of marketing isn’t having a great month. As the brand geared up for a controversial partnership with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney, the woke executive decided it would be a great time to give an interview that insulted the beer’s traditional consumers. Now, photos of her college days suggest she’s also a massive hypocrite.

On April 3, TikTok performer Mulvaney, who has become well known after documenting “365 days of girlhood” on the Chinese social media platform, made a new video about Bud Lite. The 26-year-old revealed that the company had sent him beer in special cans with his face printed on it, and it quickly became obvious that he’d been appointed as an ambassador for the brand. Customers were outraged, and many immediately launched a boycott and switched to other brands.

As the controversy grew, it emerged that days earlier, on March 30, marketing VP Alissa Gordon Heinerscheid had told a podcast that Bud Lite had an “image problem,” and she wanted to move the brand away from its “fratty” image and make it more “inclusive.” Heinerscheid claimed that, to survive, Bud Lite had to attract a wider, younger audience and become less “male-centered.”

Now it turns out that, although she was quick to dismiss Bud Lite’s “fratty” image, Heinerscheid has a pretty fratty past herself. A series of now-deleted pictures on her Facebook page show her taking part in wild, beer-fueled parties during her time at Harvard. Images show her in 2005, aged 21, drinking the beer from a bottle, blowing up condoms and sprawled on a table with two fellow students. Meanwhile, parent company Anheuser Busch has seen its share value fall by $5 billion since the partnership with Mulvaney was announced.

On April 14, the company launched a new ad that featured the iconic Budweiser Clydesdale horses, seemingly trying to get back to normal. It looks like Anheuser Busch has decided Heinerscheid was trying to fix something that wasn’t actually broke.

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