Buttigieg Warns Against “Rush” Sanders Nomination

Buttigieg Warns Against

(NewsReady.com) – Democratic presidential candidate and former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg begged his party Saturday not to rush to hand their nomination to Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT). Buttigieg was reacting to Sanders’s landslide victory in the Nevada caucuses, which many Democrats fear means the veteran socialist is building up unstoppable momentum at an early stage in the contest.

Delivering a speech after the caucuses, Buttigieg warned the Vermont senator believes in an “inflexible, ideological revolution” that doesn’t include most Democrats or Americans. This sums up fears among the party’s moderates that Sanders’s hard-line socialist beliefs will alienate the swing voters and disaffected Republicans the party must attract to have any hope of winning in November.

Buttigieg and others have taken an increasingly hard anti-Sanders line over the last week, with the former mayor even accusing the senator of being backed by “dark money” groups. While the infighting is bad for Democrats, it puts President Donald Trump in a great position to win in November.

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