Buyers Threaten Boycott Over Pride Designs

Buyers Threaten Boycott Over Pride Designs

( – Target is one of America’s most popular stores. However, it’s no stranger to protests and boycotts, especially during the spring when it debuts its Pride lines. That’s what’s happening this year — only this time, the retailer has decided to remove some of its products.

Target sparked outrage again this month when they released their annual Pride collection. Scarlett Johnson, a Wisconsin activist, is pushing hard for a boycott of the retailer because of it. She is accusing the company of pushing satanic imagery on children, taking issue with the items made by designer Abprallen. The London-based designer is being called Satanic.

Johnson was also angry about a onesie with a message of inclusivity, a child’s shirt featuring pronouns, and tuck-friendly bathing suits.

There was an internet rumor that the tuck-friendly bathing suits were part of the children’s line, but that isn’t the case. The suits are for adults and are not available in children’s sizes, Kayla Castaneda, a spokesperson for Target, told The Associated Press.

According to Target’s website, it’s proud to be a strong partner with the LGBTQ+ community. The company has offered merchandise targeted to the group for a decade and has more than 150 inclusive products available for purchase in its stores. However, after the backlash this year, the company made a decision to remove some of the merchandise.

Target released a statement saying it is making changes because the situation has become unsafe for associates. Since the introduction of the 2023 collection, the company has “experienced threats impacting [its] team members’ sense of safety and wellbeing.” In some stores in the South, the company already moved Pride displays away from the front of stores. This year, angry customers have thrown products on the floor and confronted store employees. The company has not decided which products it will remove yet.

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