California Health Secretary Admits Outdoor Dining Closures Were Not Because COVID Was Spreading

California Health Secretary Admits Outdoor Dining Closures Were Not Because COVID Was Spreading


  • There are 1.49 million cases of COVID-19 in California.
  • More than 20,000 people have died in the Golden State. 
  • Millions of Californians are on lockdown again.
  • Outdoor dining was eliminated in some counties despite its low risk.

( – California has some of the most draconian COVID-19 measures in the country. The state was closed down for months, reopened for a short period of time, and now it’s starting to close again. Meanwhile, the people who live in the Liberal experiment are suffering.

As the state begins closing again, the health secretary has made a startling admission.

Closures Not Justified?

On Wednesday, December 9, California Health Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly gave residents a COVID-19 update. During the video announcement, he discussed the outside dining closures in the counties that were told to shut down recently. The secretary flat-out said the decision to stop outdoor dining has nothing to do with its safety; it’s designed to keep people home.

Ghaly said the state worked with the restaurant industry to keep people safe while they were dining outdoors, and they were successful. California residents can eat outside and it’s “low risk,” but their governor and his officials decided that wasn’t good enough. Now, the restaurants are being forced to close AGAIN and only do delivery and take-out.

That will, of course, mean servers, dishwashers, and many of the other essential staff will see their schedules reduced or eliminated completely, pushing more people into poverty.

California Residents Suffer

It’s important to keep in mind California is one of the most expensive states to live. Not only do residents pay extremely high taxes, but there’s also a housing crisis in the state. Families shell out thousands of dollars for rent and it’s tough on many of them under ordinary circumstances. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s even more difficult for many families.

There’s an eviction crisis looming in the state and arbitrary orders by politicians who want to control the lives of Americans by ripping their jobs away from them will only make it worse. At what point does the solution become worse than the problem? Californians might say they passed that point months ago.

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