California Man Caught Sniffing Women at Bookstore

( – Peeping Toms aren’t just weirdos; they’re also really scary, especially because there’s the possibility that just looking will one day stop to satisfy them. A man in California is accused of being one of those creepers.

On August 8, a video was posted on TikTok that shows a man appearing to follow women around a California Barnes & Noble bookstore. In the video, the man was seen sniffing the buttocks of the women he was following.

On August 12, four days after the video went up online, the Glendale Police Department released a statement notifying the public that officers had arrested a man suspected of prowling and peeping. They identified him as 37-year-old Calese Carron Crowder. According to law enforcement, he was allegedly caught looking into the window of the occupied home of a Glendale family.

Not only were there adults in the home, but there were also children in it. Glendale Police Patrol Officers raced to the home. In addition to the peeping, the press release stated he was a person of interest in other cases. He was arrested, and his bail was set at $10,000.

The police are speaking to other potential victims. In the video posted on TikTok, user @michaela.witter said she was recording a social media challenge in the bookstore when she noticed a man staring at her. She said she didn’t know if she was being paranoid, but he continued to follow her, so she kept recording. Eventually, he crouched down behind her and didn’t appear to do anything. She said she saw him do it to someone else, and it seemed like he was smelling her.

The woman said she “was so freaked out when [she] turned around and saw him” under her. She said he was very close to her. She explained that she felt “really violated” and was “so disgusted. The man left the store after she told an employee about him.

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