Can You Get a Pell Grant for Online Classes?

Can You Get a Pell Grant for Online Classes?
  • Federal Pell Grants are federally-funded student aid.
  • College students may get up to $6,495 for the 2021-2022 school year.
  • Each year, the annual amount of the Pell Grant changes.
  • Students both online and in traditional classrooms qualify for student aid.

Do Pell Grants Apply To Online School? Your Questions Answered

( – Millions of Americans receive federal student aid to help them get through college every year. Roughly 6.8 million of those students are receiving Federal Pell Grants to help them pay for their higher education. It’s one of the most successful programs run by the federal government.

Of course, when someone is just starting on their journey of higher education, trying to find the money to attend school can be daunting. And, it’s not always clear what funds can be used for what kind of school. Fortunately, Pell Grants are very versatile.

What Is a Pell Grant?

Federal Pell Grants are awarded to undergraduate degrees. How much a person is awarded depends on their financial situation, the school they’re attending, and other factors. Generally, a student has to show a need for financial aid and must not have earned a bachelor’s or graduate degree prior to applying for the grant. There is an exception for some students who are enrolled in a post-baccalaureate teacher certification program.

Can It Be Used for Online Classes?

Yes, students can use Pell Grants for online schools. However, there are some requirements. Any school, online or traditional, that accepts the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will accept Pell Grants.

To receive a Pell Grant for online schools, a student has to have at least a part-time class load. That amounts to about four academic credits per semester, depending on the school. Speaking to someone in the financial aid department at the school would be the best way for a student to hammer out the grants for their classes. Those who are trying to get an undergraduate degree online will qualify for Pell Grants for up to 12 semesters.

How to Apply

Submit a FAFSA application online to apply for a Pell Grant. The student must have their previous year’s taxes available, and if they live with their parents, they will need their financial information as well.

If the student doesn’t qualify for a Pell Grant, there are other scholarships and financial aid opportunities that could be available to them, including low-interest student loans.

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