Canada Looking to Investigate Freedom Convoy Donors

Canada Looking to Investigate Freedom Convoy Donors

( – The Canadian government is escalating its battle against the Freedom Convoy, a coalition of truckers who are demanding an end to the country’s draconian mandates. Lawmakers are now threatening investigations against Americans who donated to the truckers.

On February 4, GoFundMe seized over $9 million people donated to the Freedom Convoy to pay for food, shelter, fuel, and other necessities. The decision came after the American fundraising platform had already released $1 million in funds from the campaign, which raised $10 million total. Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino told the Canadian people that there was evidence of a “significant element from the US” that had helped fund the convoy of truckers. He went on to say the government would “act appropriately” if the people were found to have contributed to the cause to undermine public safety or cause public harm.

MPs on the House of Commons Public Safety and National Security Committee are calling on GoFundMe to testify about the funds that were raised.

The Freedom Convoy leaders released a video expressing their concerns about mandates the government has put in place. Truckers expressed frustration with their leaders, and said they believe major changes are coming.

How do you feel about the threats from the Canadian government against Americans and what the Freedom Convoy is doing?

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