Candace Owens Lights Up Ocasio-Cortez Over Childish Remarks

Candace Owens Lights Up Ocasio-Cortez Over Childish Remarks

( – Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) traveled to Miami, Florida, to party on New Year’s Eve. The congresswoman was seen dining outside at a bar without a mask on. Republicans quickly called her out for her hypocrisy, and AOC’s response to the criticism caused Candace Owens to light her up.

Steve Cortes commented on a photograph of AOC and her boyfriend, making a joke about her boyfriend’s sandals. The congresswoman latched onto the comment, boldly declaring “Republicans are mad” because they “can’t date” her. She went further, claiming they were “projecting their sexual frustrations” onto her partner’s feet. The absurdity of her comments left Conservatives in stitches.

On Monday, January 3, Tucker Carlson had commentator Candace Owens on his Fox News show. He brought up AOC’s comments and Owens respond that she was baffled by the remarks, saying the congresswoman is the only person “creating a sexual narrative.” The conservative went on to call the comments “bratty” and “disgusting to even think about.”

Conservative commentator Carmine Sabia responded to AOC’s tweet, pointing out that she fled her constituents during the Omicron surge.

Of course, the point seems to have gone right over AOC’s head – as usual.

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