Cartel Drops Bomb Using Drone in Devastating Attack

Cartel Drops Bomb Using Drone in Devastating Attack

( – Violent drug traffickers have been causing many issues in Michoacan, Mexico. The state has become a hotbed of activity from drug cartels. Recently, cartel members dropped bombs on terrified residents.

On Monday, January 10, video footage showed civilians running for their lives in the Tepalcatepec forests as a drone circled from above. It dropped an explosive device on the makeshift shacks that served as shelter for the Mexicans.

According to reports, the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), one of the two most powerful cartels in the country, was controlling the drone as it bombed innocent civilians. More explosives rained down on the people until someone on the forest floor managed to shoot it out of the sky.

Reports indicate the violence has dramatically picked up recently. It’s so bad, experts believe half of the citizens of the state have fled to the United States illegally to escape.

Drones have become a powerful weapon against criminal elements around the world. They have allowed America to target terrorists with surgical-like precision and take them out. However, in recent years, the weapons have made it into the hands of criminals. Now, drug cartels are using them, presenting a major problem for America as people flee here to escape the violence.

President Joe Biden’s administration has not revealed any plans to combat the dangerous problem.

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