Cashier’s Error Results in Man Earning $25,000 Each Year for the Rest of His Life

( – Oftentimes, when a cashier makes a mistake, it’s an aggravating experience that takes time to fix. For a man in Michigan, it changed his life.

In September, Illinois resident Michael Sopejstal drove from his home to his favorite restaurant in Michigan. It’s a trip the 60-year-old makes every few weeks. While he’s on those trips, he always buys a Lucky for Life lottery ticket as well.

Ordinarily, Sopejstal gets a ticket for 10 or 20 draws. However, the gas station clerk made a mistake and printed a ticket for a single draw with 10 lines. The cashier was going to fix it, but Sopejstal opted to purchase the messed-up ticket.

In the morning, Sopejstal told Lottery officials that he checked his ticket and made a shocking discovery. He had won $25,000 per year for life. He said that he immediately started to think about “all the things [he] could do with the money and whether [he] wanted to take the lump sum or annuity option.”

Ultimately, Sopejstal chose the one-time lump-sum payment of $390,000. He said he intends to use some of the money to travel and will save the rest.

Sopejstal isn’t the only person to benefit from a cashier’s mistake. That same month, a Maryland man went to a gas station to buy Cash4Life tickets for a drawing on September 11. He said he asked the cashier to give him five tickets for the drawing, but the clerk gave him a $10 Multi-Match ticket instead. The clerk tried to void the ticket but couldn’t. Instead of arguing, the man bought it.

A few days later, the man checked the ticket but didn’t believe the results. On the way home from work, he stopped by a gas station to have them scan the ticket to see if it was accurate. To his surprise, it said he had won $580,000. The man’s wife called the win “divine intervention.”

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