Catholic Priest Permanently Banned for Marriage to Teen

( – On November 20, Alabama Catholic priest Alex Crow, 30, married a recent graduate of McGill-Toolen Catholic High School. The two had fled the country to Italy just months before. Now, the priest has been banned from serving the church.

On January 5, the Archdiocese of Mobile issued a statement that it had received an announcement that “the laicization of Alex Crow is complete, effective immediately.” The letter confirmed that Pope Francis made the decision and that Crow was no longer a member of the clergy.

According to the archdiocese, Crow is the one who started his own laicization process. He did so before the end of a six-month waiting period required by the church for priests who want to leave the clergy. The pope’s decision to remove him from the church is now final.

Crow and Taylor Victoria Harrison traveled to Italy in July 2023. He left his assignment in Mobile in order to travel with her. Mobile Archbishop Thomas J. Rodi suspended the priest in July, and stated that he was not allowed to dress or present him as a priest.

Harrison’s parents have accused Crow of grooming their daughter before she was 18 years old. The Mobile County District Attorney and the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office investigated whether Crow was involved with the teen before she became an adult. However, they soon closed the case when they couldn’t find evidence to substantiate the parent’s claims. The sheriff’s department did release a letter that was written by Crow to the girl when she was 17. He told her in the letter that he was “married” to her and said she was Jesus’ “gift” to him.

Rodi expressed relief that the Pope allowed Crow to leave the church, saying it was “desired by all parties.” He said he hoped the news would allow everyone to move forward and heal.

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