CCP Behind Secret Test of “Phantom Space Strike”

CCP Behind Secret Test of

( – The US has a robust missile defense system that former President Donald Trump strengthened while he was in office. The ground-based interceptors will theoretically stop enemy missiles before they make landfall. However, China may have found a way around these systems.

China’s military reportedly successfully conducted a “phantom space strike.” They used a computer simulation to carry out the mission. According to the Daily Mail, a decoy missile is fired into the atmosphere above the nation the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) wants to strike.

Three small aircrafts are released from the missile while it is still in space. Those aircraft begin sending phantom signals to the enemy’s missile defense system. The nation under attack would see multiple threats on its radar and would respond by launching its defense missiles. While the defense system targets the fake threat, an armed missile would be able to attack without being intercepted.

During the test, military researchers exploited a weak spot in the radar station of the target, allowing them to launch the simulated attack.

This is the type of threat Trump expressed concern about when he created the Space Force. The fifth branch of the US Armed Forces would likely deal with this kind of threat from beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.

However, it’s not clear if the US has a plan to fight phantom missiles at this time. At a time of heightened tension with China, that’s not very comforting. The CCP has become more aggressive in recent years. It has also been building up its military and making advances ahead of the US. In recent years, it was the first country to develop a hypersonic missile, a missile that travels so fast and low it is undetectable by interceptors.

President Joe Biden’s administration has not responded to the news of the phantom missiles.

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