CDC Director Threatens to Bring Back Restrictions

CDC Director Threatens to Bring Back Restrictions

( – The COVID-19 infections are finally dropping across the country. As fewer people get sick, coronavirus restrictions are being lifted. However, the CDC is issuing threats.

On Wednesday, February 16, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky announced the agency will update its guidelines soon. She said the changes depend on hospital capacity, and went on to say experts want to “give people a break from things like mask-wearing,” but adamant that people will need to keep wearing the face coverings if the infections increase again.

For almost two years, the American people have dealt with changing CDC guidelines. First, the health agency said nobody has to wear masks. Then, they said everyone should wear cloth face coverings. Months later, they admitted the cloth masks don’t work, and now the rules are set to change – again.

Americans don’t need the CDC to tell them what to put on their faces at this stage of the game. As the country enters the third year of the pandemic, everyone is well-versed in the prevention measures and knows how to keep themselves safe. Ultimately, they don’t need the heavy hand of the federal government forcing them to do anything or threatening them.

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