CDC Guidelines: New Industry Approaches

CDC Guidelines: New Industry Approaches

( – As President Donald Trump provides direction for states to safely reopen, the CDC is keeping its own recommendations up to date as well. This week it’s drafting a new set of guidelines to aid in the states’ efforts to get their economies back on track. The updated advice from the agency will target crucial public institutions.

In addition to the new guidelines, the CDC has added six new symptoms of COVID-19:

  • Loss of taste or smell
  • Chills
  • Repeated shaking will chills
  • Muscle pain
  • Headache
  • Sore throat

If you believe you might have the coronavirus, get in touch with your local officials and follow the link from this CDC tweet.

Restaurants, schools, and churches are among the businesses and institutions slated to reopen soon. The new guidelines consider what those entities might need to change in order to safely resume their operations. The CDC provides restaurants and schools with some universal advice while taking a more measured approach towards churches as not to infringe on the religious rights of Americans.

The CDC isn’t making the rules mandatory because of the First Amendment. So, when it comes to religious practices, the agency will reportedly ask communities of faith to consider limiting gatherings to ones that can be held online. The new guidelines also recommend temporarily halting the sharing of prayer books and accepting donations in the form of electronic checks among other measures.

Trump wants to ensure states are making the right choices as they reopen. The CDC has his back with the drafting of their new guidelines. While not finalized yet, the new measures should become official soon as much of the country races to return to business as usual.

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  1. Opening schools should be done later rather than in phase one because it is inevitable that as people start going into public more that more people will contract Covid19. This is necessary, but needs to be kept at a slow enough pace to not overwhelm our hospitals.

    If schools are allowed to open up in phase one, then you now have exposed the people least likely to be able to practice recommended hygiene and social distancing recommendations to contracting Covid19. Children are crammed into classrooms with 30 to over 40 plus students with zero space between desks because there isn’t enough space in classrooms to have single rows, so 2 desks are put together to double the seating space. Many classrooms do not have individual desks and instead students sit elbow to elbow at tables. It is not practical for children to be able to wash or sterilize their hands all day as they constantly touch surfaces etc…

    We know that the virus is airborne and children in classrooms even at half capacity are still much closer together in the small square footage of a classroom than is being allowed for adults in businesses and restaurants. It is not feasible to expect children to be able to wear PPE according to guidelines.

    While the rest of society is told to avoid crowds of more than 10 or up to 50 people, this is absolutely impossible to do in the middle and high school levels due to passing periods and lunchtime. Elementary schools have similar issues with crowded classrooms lunch and recess etc.
    The huge problem with all of this is we will have large numbers of students getting covid19 in a short period of time and then taking the virus home to their families to create even more infections in a short period of time which will result in overwhelming the medical system and is likely to cause calls for a 2nd shutdown which our country and economy may not survive.

    One has to really wonder why the CDC is recommending such a high risk strategy when anyone, especially a middle school biology teacher like myself, can see it goes against common sense empirical evidence.

  2. The CDC including stopping electronic checks is the stupidest idea I have heard of. So when churches are allowed to reopen you think stopping electronic checking is going to stop the spread of the virus. Let’s think about versus giving money or check in person. Makes sense if you are a moron.

    • I believe Mr. Gravlee that wording of the sentence you are referencing is just unfortunate. I believe that what they intended to say was halting the sharing of prayer books and beginning the use of electronic checks for those churches that have not already started doing that. Because you are correct in saying if they want to STOP the use of electronic checks, they are just plain misguided.

    • Diane, Each church can have new books printed inside a week. Each member of each church can obtain their OWN book at the beginning of this Sunday’s service, and keep a fresh supply in the lobby wrapped in plastic. Churches, more than likely have been sanitized.

      Electronic checks is a recommendation. That’s an easy fix. Wear gloves when counting. Money gets in to the baskets, dumped onto a table, counted, boxed, and taken to a bank, where they have sanitizer.

      The CDC professes to support

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