CDC Wants Schools to Reopen

CDC Wants Schools to Reopen
  • Allowing schools to reopen means parents can go back to work.
  • The CDC updated its school reopening guidelines on July 23, 2020. 
  • Children under 10 are less likely to spread the coronavirus. 
  • States, educators, and parents are battling over the issue.

( – The Trump Administration has been working with states to get schools reopened in the fall, so parents can go back to work and the economy can reopen. A few weeks ago, the CDC issued guidelines on how to make that happen, but some lawmakers, as well as President Donald Trump, expressed doubt.

Now the agency has revised those guidelines to express the importance of getting kids back to normalcy.

Kids Need to Attend School

On July 23, the CDC’s new statement about school reopening was posted on its website. Director Dr. Robert Redfield said it’s “critically important” teachers and students be allowed back into their classrooms this fall. He further stated the COVID-19-related closures have “disrupted” the lives of parents and children, leading to “negative health consequences on our youth.”

The guidelines explain young children are at a lower risk of catching and spreading the coronavirus. However, every day they’re not in their school buildings, the worse off they are. According to the CDC, the University of Washington’s Center on Reinventing Public Education found kids who are in low-income areas aren’t faring as well as those in wealthy school districts.

Additionally, the agency believes students with special needs are not absorbing as much through distance learning.

California Parents Sue

States are now being hit with lawsuits from all sides with all of this talk of sending kids back to school.

Two parents in California are suing Governor Gavin Newsom (D) in order to get schools in the state reopened. In an interview on “Fox & Friends,” one of the parents, Christine Ruiz, explained both of her children have special needs and “regression is dangerous and profound for them.”

Newsom recently signed an order prohibiting counties from reopening schools unless they’re off the COVID list for two weeks. The Center for American Liberty is saying Newsom’s actions are unconstitutional.

Florida Teachers File Lawsuit

In the Sunshine State, the opposite is happening. Governor Ron DeSantis (R) understands the importance of schools and ordered them to reopen in the fall. Now, teachers across the state are suing him.

The fact is, Americans won’t be able to get back to normal until kids are in the classroom. If it’s relatively safe, why shouldn’t that happen?

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