Charges Dropped Against Man Who Beat Elderly

Charges Dropped Against Man Who Beat Elderly

Charges DROPPED – Absolutely Shocking!

( – In May 2020, a video of a young man beating an elderly man inside of a nursing home made rounds on the internet. Police later arrested Jaden Hayden for the assault. The case was recently dismissed, two years later.

The charges against 22-year-old Hayden were dismissed after he was declared incompetent for charges related to the beating of 75-year-old Norman Bledsoe. Prosecutors had charged Hayden with two counts of credit card theft, theft, and two counts of assault. The decision to find him incompetent was a reversal of a September 2020 ruling by 36th District Court Judge Roberta Archer, who said he was mentally competent to stand trial.

Hayden lives in a psychiatric hospital in Michigan and is not allowed to come and go freely. His father, Marty Hayden, believes the system failed his son. At the time of the beating, he was the victim’s roommate at Westwood Nursing Center. The elder Hayden thinks his son should have never been placed around the elderly because of his temper.

Brian Berry, Hayden’s attorney, agreed his client shouldn’t have been there. He believes the center should have known that his son wasn’t safe to be around others, especially because he was schizophrenic.

Bledsoe died a couple of months after the attack while at another nursing home; authorities didn’t charge Hayden with homicide. Bledsoe’s family is suing Westwood for the assault.

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