Checkmate: Trump Outsmarts Dems

Checkmate: Trump Outsmarts Dems

( – On August 8, President Donald Trump signed four executive orders to get the American people through the COVID-19 crisis. Democrats quickly claimed the directives were unconstitutional, and the White House braced itself for court battles. But those fights might not come.

According to a report by The Hill, Democratic lawmakers in Washington, DC, aren’t ready to fight Trump in court. They’re worried that suing the president is going to make them look bad because people are struggling to survive right now. Senator Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) said the “focus right now needs to be on delivering relief” to Americans who are suffering.

When Trump signed the orders, he made sure to mention he was doing it because the Left couldn’t get the job done.

President Trump is a master negotiator. He painted Democrats into a corner and helped the American people at the same time. If they take him to court, the world will know with certainty that the Left doesn’t care about the working class. They’re in a lose-lose situation and the people of this country won because of it.

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