“Cheesecake Killer” Viktoria Nasyrova Speaks Out in Jailhouse Interview

(NewsReady.com) – In February 2023, a New York jury found Viktoria Nasyrova guilty of attempted murder. She was later sentenced to 21 years in prison. She’s now speaking out from prison. 

Nasyrova spoke to the New York Post from the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility and told the paper that she’s started drawing while in prison. She said that she draws 3D photos of people’s names with butterflies and other things on them. Nasyrova explained that she gets “an enormous amount of pleasure” when she sees people’s reactions to her “works of art.” The convict went as far as to say her drawings “look like little miracles.”

The 47-year-old was found guilty of poisoning Olga Tsvyk, her 35-year-old friend who looked like her. District Attorney Melinda Katz accused her of lacing cheesecake with phenazepam, a sedative, in order to steal the woman’s identity. Nasyrova brought the cake to her friend’s home in 2016, and when Tsvyk ate it, she lost consciousness. One of her friends found her and rushed her to the hospital. After she returned home, she noticed her US work authorization and passport were missing. Investigators later tested the cheesecake container and arrested Nasyrova. While on trial, her ex-boyfriend Ruben Borukhov testified that she poisoned him on a date, stole his credit card, and charged thousands of dollars to it.

During the Post interview, Nasyrova said she’s having a difficult time meeting people to talk to in prison. She told the paper that she didn’t want it to appear that she thought she was better than other prisoners, but she thinks she is. “It’s hard to find people here that I can really communicate with,” she said. 

Nasyrova complained that she feels “on edge all the time” because of the unpredictable environment. For example, she said she could be eating a meal, and someone would start fighting next to her. “I can’t relax,” she said.

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