Child Allegedly Punished for Writing “Any Life” Matters at School

Child Allegedly Punished for Writing

Child Student Punished for Writing This at School

( – There’s been a lot of pushback on woke rhetoric in schools across the country. Parents have repeatedly claimed their children are being indoctrinated. A California mother is now accusing an elementary school of punishing her daughter for drawing a picture.

According to a RedState exclusive, Chelsea Boyle claims her 7-year-old drew a photo that had the words “Black Lives mater [sic] any life [sic]” with four circles in different shades representing her diverse friend group. Her child gave it to one of her friends at Viejo Elementary School in Mission Viejo. When the youngster brought it home, their parents saw it and complained to the school.

Boyle claims Principal Jesus Becerra forced her daughter to apologize to her classmates on the playground. The apology wasn’t enough, apparently, because she was allegedly forced to sit out at recess and prohibited from drawing while in school.

Boyle told the news outlet she didn’t know about the incident until a year later, when another parent mentioned it to her in March 2022. The mother said she felt like she was “hit by a bus” when she learned about it and questioned why the school was discriminating against her child. She then contacted a lawyer.

Boyle explained she doesn’t teach her kids about Black Lives Matter or All Lives Matter because she doesn’t think they’re old enough to learn about politics. The mother went on to say the incident broke her heart.

The school denied that the principal forced the little girl to apologize.

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