Children Discover Human Remains in Abandoned Home

( – Sometimes children play in places that they shouldn’t. That’s what some kids in Argentina were doing recently when they made a grisly discovery.

On September 2, kids in Rosario, a city about 190 miles from Buenos Aires, found an abandoned house to play in. While at the property, they discovered a body in advanced stages of decomposition. Law enforcement was contacted, and when police arrived, they confirmed the body was a male.

A large part of the man’s body was burned. Investigators noticed the ground near the home was disturbed as well. They are now trying to find out if more bodies were buried on the property. They also reportedly found hair at the crime scene that didn’t belong to the deceased victim.

Rosario is known for its violent drug trade. As of the day of the discovery, 168 violent deaths had been recorded in the city. Many of those are linked to narcotics. Newsweek reported that Rosario Mayor Elvio Cotterli told a local news outlet that the “city is appalled” by the murder.

This wasn’t the first gruesome discovery in Argentina. Children in Buenos Aires were playing in a stream in late July, when they found a suitcase. Inside were a set of arms and legs.

Police identified the body parts as belonging to Fernando Perez Algaba, a crypto-millionaire who was very active on social media. He’d been reported missing on July 18. Algaba had reportedly been shot three times, and someone dismembered his body.

A few days after his limbs were discovered, authorities found his torso and head floating downstream inside a backpack. Reports indicate he’d been receiving threats in the weeks before he was murdered. Someone even told him that they were going to chop off his hands and cut out his eyes.

Law enforcement has not identified Algaba’s killer.

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