China Condemned for Its Actions

China Condemned for Its Actions

( – The world has gone into crisis mode with COVID-19 on the loose. Originating from China, the virus has now infected over 421,000 and killed more than 18,000 as of March 24. While China is now making efforts to contain the virus within its borders, it’s too late. The coronavirus has become a global pandemic.

Now, the House is formally condemning China’s response to the outbreak:

Congress brought up many issues regarding the Chinese government’s actions. The country’s unwillingness to promptly share information was the primary problem. The Chinese Communist Party knew about the virus mid-December, but said nothing until Jan 3.

China is no stranger to state-wide censorship. Recently, the government proved that by kicking out American news outlets for not supporting its propaganda machine. This censorship was perhaps the most notable claim levied against the Chinese Communist Party by the House.

Congress’ condemnation also references a study from the University of Southampton England which states the global outbreak would be 95% less severe had China taken action 3 weeks earlier. The fact that the Chinese government allowed it to get this bad is truly incredible — though not unbelievable.

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