China Crashes Military Plane in South China Sea

China Crashes Military Plane in South China Sea

( – China has repeatedly flown military aircraft into Taiwan’s buffer zone over the last year. The communist nation also regularly patrols the disputed South China Sea. Recently, a Chinese military plane was in the region when something went wrong.

On March 1, a People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) Y-8 anti-submarine plane crashed in the South China Sea. The military lost contact with the aircraft as it flew over the sea southwest of China’s Hainan Province. On March 10, Taiwan’s National Security Bureau (NSB) confirmed the crash, something first reported by Vietnamese journalist Duan Dang.

NSB Director-General Chen Ming-tong discussed the crash during a session of the Foreign and National Defense Committee at the Legislative Yuan. Chen says China set up a navigation exclusion zone after the accident to carry out a search-and-rescue operation disguised as a military operation. These remarks verified the journalist’s assertions that the communist nation carried out drills close to Vietnam’s coast from March 4 through March 15.

The Chinese government has not admitted one of its planes went down. But, that’s not surprising as the Communists are well-known for being secretive. The accident comes amid allegations China might exploit the conflict between Ukraine and Russia to attack Taiwan. However, the nation hasn’t made any moves to do that, yet.

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