China Finds First “Human Infection” of Bird Flu This Year

China Finds First

First Human Infection FOUND – China Blows The Whistle!

( – The world is still grappling with the last pandemic that China foisted upon it. COVID-19 infections have finally started to slow and many countries are getting back to normal. It seems there might be a new virus to worry about, and like the coronavirus, it has made its first appearance in China.

According to an April 26 statement from China’s National Health Commission, the first case of bird flu in a human was discovered. A 4-year-old male patient tested positive for H3N8, avian flu, in the Henan Province. He began developing symptoms on April 5; he came down with a fever and other issues. His family took him to the hospital, where he was admitted for treatment.

The little boy’s family raises chickens, and wild ducks are present on the family’s property.

Meanwhile, in the US, the CDC confirmed a case of H5 bird flu in a human in Colorado. The man had direct contact with poultry that are presumed to have been infected with H5N1 bird flu.

The CDC said the risk of public exposure is low and the agency is taking action to contain the threat. People who work with birds should follow the CDC’s outlined precautions to stay safe.

Both the Chinese and Colorado cases are concerning, considering everything the world has just gone through. Hopefully, they remain isolated incidents.

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