China Tries To Block UN Report on Human Rights Abuses

China Tries To Block UN Investigation Into Human Rights Abuses

China to Block United Nations Report — Look What They’re Hiding

( – For years, China has been imprisoning Uyghur Muslims in the Xinjiang province, committing horrific acts of abuse against them. The United Nations (UN) is finally set to release a report on the issue, but the communist country is allegedly trying to prevent that from happening.

Reports indicate Chinese diplomats in Geneva lobbied UN High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet, the human rights chief, to withhold the analysis. She’d previously faced criticism for being soft on the Communists. An exclusive by Reuters published passages from a letter written by Beijing officials expressing “grave concern” about the report. It claimed the UN analysis would “intensify politicisation [sic] and bloc confrontation in the area of human rights,” harm cooperation between the human rights council, and undermine its credibility.

Chinese spokesperson Liu Yuyin claimed that 100 countries support the Communists’ position on the Uyghurs, but didn’t name which ones.

The US has accused China of committing genocide against the Uyghurs. The country has locked at least 1.8 million of them in internment camps, forced women to undergo sterilization, and made them minorities work as slaves in the manufacturing sector.

A team of UN human rights experts has been investigating the abuses against the Uyghurs for three years. The report has reportedly been delayed multiple times for unknown reasons.

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