China Vows to Kill 2,000 Animals That Have COVID

China Vows to Kill 2,000 Animals That Have COVID

( – The Chinese government recently forced two cities to go into a lockdown ahead of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Millions of citizens are living under even more extreme oppression than usual. Now, the government is even taking their pets away from them.

On Tuesday, January 18, Hong Kong authorities announced an outbreak of COVID-19 in small mammals. Several hamsters recently tested positive at a store where an employee was also infected with the virus. Officials from the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department said the city will stop the sale and import of hamsters and other small animals. It’s also going to kill roughly 2,000 of them.

Anyone who bought a hamster from a Hong Kong pet store after January 7 has to surrender the animal to the government and quarantine themselves. Officials said the animals are being put down to prevent the spread of the virus between animals and humans. They’re particularly concerned the pet store employee might have contracted the virus from a hamster. Health officials are also recommending citizens keep their hamsters at home and avoid kissing the animals.

The CDC has said there’s little chance of human-to-animal transmission or vice versa, but the Hong Kong government isn’t taking any chances, even if that means killing childrens’ pets.

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