China’s Growing List of Secrets

China's Growing List of Secrets

( – This week, the State Department ordered the Chinese Consulate in Houston to close. China was reportedly “stealing” intellectual property and that’s why they were booted. Now, it’s looking like that wasn’t the only consulate with a problem.

On July 23, reports surfaced claiming the Chinese government is harboring a fugitive in their consulate in San Francisco. Tang Juan, a researcher, allegedly lied on her application about her connections to the Communist country’s military to gain entry into the US. She was charged by prosecutors with visa fraud in June, but fled to the embassy.

CNN reached out to the DOJ, State Department, and FBI who have not commented on the case. However, in light of the events in Houston, could the Trump Administration also boot officials out of the California consulate, as well? It doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

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