Chinese Airliner Crashes With 132 People Onboard

Chinese Airliner Crashes With 132 People Onboard

( – Whenever a person steps on a plane, they put their life in the hands of the manufacturer that built it, the airliner that maintains the aircraft, and the pilot that flies it. Even though experts say flying is safer than driving, accidents do happen. Families of those on a recent Chinese flight are facing that horrific fact.

On March 21, China Eastern Airlines Flight MU5735 from Kunming to Guangzhou crashed. According to reports, it was flying at a cruising altitude when it suddenly started descending very quickly, dropping by 31,000 feet per minute.

Authorities don’t believe any of the 132 people aboard the flight survived.

President Xi Jinping ordered an immediate investigation into what might have caused the crash. It’s the first major air accident in 12 years. China Eastern Airlines has now ordered all of its Boeing 737 planes grounded. In the US, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) announced it’s monitoring the situation in China.

The Boeing plane that crashed is different from the 737 MAX aircraft with technical issues that led to two crashes in 2018 and 2019. Nonetheless, the latest accident will undoubtedly raise questions about the plane manufacturer’s safety record again.

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