Chinese Cellphone Tech Could Disrupt US Nuclear Communications, Says FBI

Chinese Cellphone Tech Could Disrupt US Nuclear Communications, Says FBI

FBI Confirms Conspiracy – Chinese Tech REALLY IS Spying on America!

( – US officials have accused the Chinese government of increasing spying operations in the country. In February, FBI Director Christopher Wray told NBC News the scale of the country’s efforts to steal technology from America was shocking. A new report indicates it didn’t just stop with tech.

According to reports, federal authorities have ramped up investigations into Chinese spying in the US and made a shocking discovery: the FBI uncovered Huawei equipment on top of cell towers located in the rural Midwest. The technology was reportedly powerful enough to disrupt and capture military communications. Worse, it was capable of disrupting US Strategic Command, which oversees America’s nuclear arsenal.

Congress approved nearly $2 billion to have the alleged spy equipment removed from the towers. Two years later, that still hasn’t happened because the FCC needs over $3 billion to carry out the task.

The US National Counterintelligence and Security Center has issued a warning to state and local governments, as well as businesses, saying China is trying to manipulate entities to influence policy. Wray told CNN that America opens a new counterintelligence probe into the communist nation every 12 hours. There are literally thousands of ongoing probes now, not including cyber theft.

Huawei has denied the allegations against it. The company claims its equipment is only used for commercial use.

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