Chris Cuomo Says He Never Had Any “Secrets” Amid Allegations

Chris Cuomo Says He Never Had Any

Chris Cuomo Reacts to “Secrets” – Makes a Suspicious Claim

( – In December 2021, CNN fired longtime anchor Chris Cuomo. The star host faced accusations of using his media sources to look into sexual harassment allegations against his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. As he prepares to make his debut on another television network, the journalist is trying to clear the air.

On Tuesday, NewsNation aired an interview with Cuomo on “Dan Abrams Live.” The former CNN host spoke about his firing last year and the allegations against him. He claimed he never used his contacts to get in touch with anyone who was covering his brother to “try to affect their coverage.” Instead, he said that he was always in contact with fellow journalists because they are “most of the people” in his life.

Cuomo told the NewsNation host he thinks there’s a big difference between him speaking to his friends in the media versus asking them to change their coverage of his brother.

Abrams asked Cuomo what his reaction was when CNN finally fired him. The journalist responded, saying he “didn’t have one.” He explained that when he processed his termination, he had to figure out what he was going to do moving forward, and that was difficult. As for his friends who turned against him, the former journalist said they are all “good people,” and he wishes them well.

Are you buying Cuomo’s excuses?

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