Christians Could Be Minority in US by 2070, New Study Says

Christians Could Be Minority in US by 2070, New Study Says

Christian WARNING – This Could Be The Final Straw…

( – America is often referred to as a “Christian nation” because of the sheer volume of Christians who reside there. The reality is that the Founding Fathers made certain the nation was not one that promoted any other religion over another when they crafted the First Amendment. Still, there’s no denying Christianity has had a significant influence on American culture. A new study indicates it might not be the predominant religion in the future.

In 2020, the Pew Research Center estimated that 64% of Americans followed Christianity. A new study by the organization has found projections show the number of people following the faith could shrink to 35% by 2070. Meanwhile, the number of people not affiliated with any organized religion could grow from 30% in 2020 to between 34% to 52% in 50 years.

That isn’t to say this is definitely going to happen. It’s just one scenario as researchers look toward the future. But, under all of the different situations Pew Research Center mapped out, Christianity shrank in each, while those who were not affiliated saw that sentiment grow.

Researchers pointed out there are events that could happen to impact the numbers, such as an economic downturn, war, shifting immigration patterns, and other events that would flip the trends. That could lead to a revival of Christianity, something Conservatives have been discussing for years.

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