Chuck Schumer’s Aide Scrubs Accounts After Investigators Reveal Nasty Past

Chuck Schumer's Aide Scrubs Accounts After Investigators Reveal Nasty Past

( – Democrats like to pay lip service to equality, but they don’t always practice what they preach. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has demonstrated this by employing a seemingly homophobic aide on his staff.

According to a National Pulse investigation, Schumer’s Deputy Director of Digital Media Caroline Burns allegedly deleted her Twitter account after the website revealed old tweets with homophobic language. She has reportedly worked in the position since May 2020. The conservative website uncovered a number of homophobic posts, including one from 2011 where she said, “kill me I hate this f*g.” Burns used the anti-gay slur in at least two other tweets, as well.

For years, Democrats have called Republicans homophobic, claiming they hate gay people just because the GOP believes in traditional family values. Conservatives are generally very religious and believe a marriage is between a man and woman. They also support the rights of Christian organizations that don’t feel as though that lifestyle should be pushed on them.

Schumer’s aide, however, was spreading actual hate, if the National Pulse report is true. Worse, Burns’ LinkedIn profile shows the senator still employs her, and his office hasn’t responded to questions about the uncovered tweets.

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