Civil Rights Groups Sue Iowa Over Controversial Immigration Law

( – The Biden Administration has joined forces with civil rights groups in an assault on a new Iowa law. The state’s legislature recently passed a bill to crack down on illegal immigration. Liberals don’t want it to do that.

On April 10, the Iowa Senate passed Senate File 2340, “an Act relating to illegal reentry into the state by certain aliens.” The law would create a new criminal offense of entering, attempting to enter, or being “at any time found in this state” for aliens previously denied entry into the US. It would allow Iowa law enforcement to arrest and charge them with the offense—which is an aggravated misdemeanor by default but can become a felony if the alien has been convicted of certain crimes—and give judges the power to return them to the country from which they entered the US.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds (R), who signed the bill into law on May 10, says it’s necessary to protect Iowa citizens from President Biden’s refusal to secure the borders. However, Liberals have quickly pushed back. Two separate lawsuits have already been filed in an attempt to block the law. The Justice Department filed suit the day before Reynolds signed the bill, claiming it’s acting to “preserve its exclusive authority” to remove illegal aliens and ignoring the fact that its failure to actually remove them is why Iowa passed the law in the first place.

Meanwhile, a coalition of civil rights groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union, filed another suit the same day. Like the DoJ, it says the law is unconstitutional, and complains that it’s “one of the worst, most far-reaching immigration laws” ever passed. However, with Texas and other red states already passing similar laws, it’s clear that while the federal government technically has responsibility for immigration, states don’t trust it to do the job anymore.

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