Client List Accidentally Released in High-Profile Case

Client List Accidentally Released in High-Profile Case

( – The sex trafficking trial of Larry Ray, 62, is currently underway in a federal court in Manhattan. Prosecutors are accusing him of running a sex cult at Sarah Lawrence College in NY. Recently, the prosecution made a big mistake and had to scramble to control the damage.

On Monday, March 21, the Manhattan US Attorney’s Office accidentally uploaded a list of alleged johns who visited a prostitute under Ray’s control to a public file share system. The list is under seal, meaning the public is not allowed to have access to it. Prosecutors quickly removed it from the online system, and sent a message out to media outlets asking them to delete the file if they downloaded it.

According to reports, the list contained Claudia Drury’s, 31, alleged main clients. It might include an architect, retired state judge, and other high-profile people. Drury has testified that Ray made millions by pimping her out.

In 2018, Drury emailed the list to Ray’s alleged partner, Isabella Pollok. On Tuesday, Drury’s testimony was stopped after the defendant suffered a medical emergency. It was the second time the trial had to stop for that reason.

Ray is being charged with committing a violent crime in aid of racketeering, money laundering, racketeering conspiracy, extortion, sex trafficking, and forced labor.

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