CNN Called Out for Slanted Trump Reporting

CNN Called Out for Slanted Trump Reporting
  • CNN’s bias was uncovered recently in a Project Veritas investigation. 
  • The network has been part of a sting on more than one occasion. 
  • Trump and CNN have been in a feud for years.
  • The latest news is more confirmation that the network is leaning too far to the left.

( – Former President Donald Trump had an ongoing feud with CNN throughout his time in office. The network spent nearly his entire term attacking him over the most minuscule things. The president even called one of its reporters “fake news” after a heated confrontation at a press conference. When the election results were announced in 2020, the CNN anchors were noticeably jubilant. There was no longer any doubt that the network had wanted Trump to lose.

Although everyone knew that CNN leaned left and was obviously biased, it was all speculation … until now.

Project Veritas Investigation

On Tuesday, March 13, Project Veritas released the first of three recordings they obtained during an undercover sting into the network. One of the investigative journalists working for Project Veritas posed as a Tinder date and went out with Charlie Chester, a technical director for the media company. That’s when he spilled the beans.

During a series of dates, Chester made a number of claims. One was that the network purposely ran a story about the state of Donald Trump’s health during the campaign to hurt him. He bragged that the company should get credit for ousting the 45th president.

Chester also discussed COVID-19. He said “fear really drives numbers,” that’s why the network talks about the pandemic so much.

Not the First Time

The latest investigation was shocking, though not surprising, and not even the first time CNN employees have been duped by Veritas. In December 2020, news broke that founder James O’Keefe crashed and recorded CNN meetings to prove the network is biased.

There’s no longer any doubt that CNN leans to the Left. It’ll be interesting to find out what the rest of the tapes contain.

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