CNN Personality SLAMS Hunter Biden as Network Turns Against Biden’s Dealings

CNN Personality SLAMS Hunter Biden as Network Turns Against Biden's Dealings

( – Hunter Biden was brought up many times during the presidential debate on Tuesday, September 29 — for good reason, too. When his father, Joe, was vice president, the younger Biden was accused of a number of offenses, including using his dad’s position to land cushy jobs. Now, even a CNN anchor is slamming the Democratic candidate’s son.

On Wednesday, John King said the Democratic nominee’s son is a “swamp creature” who’s his father’s “weakness” and is using his “family name to make money.”

In September, Republican senators released their report on the younger Biden and it was full of shady behavior. For instance, the GOP found out Hunter’s company allegedly received millions from a Russian oligarch.

Hunter also served on the board of a Ukrainian company, Burisma, and was paid tens of thousands of dollars each month when he had no experience in the energy industry. How would he have landed a position like that on his own? It certainly seems as though King is right, but don’t expect Joe to admit that.

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