CNN Scandals Sink Viewership

CNN Scandals Sink Viewership
  • CNN’s viewership numbers have taken a major hit over the last year. 
  • The network fired Chris Cuomo. 
  • Host Don Lemon and commentator Jeffrey Toobin have faced allegations of wrongdoing. 
  • The network is floundering without former President Donald Trump to attack. 

( – CNN’s programming revolved around former President Donald Trump from the moment he announced his run for office until the moment he left – and then for months afterward. Every single day, the network’s hosts attacked the 45th president, accused him of crimes, and any number of absurd things. It was wall-to-wall Trump stories, all the time.

When the former president left office in January, some wondered how CNN was ever going to survive without Trump to bash every day. A year into President Joe Biden’s administration, and it looks like the network is doing very poorly. Not only are its ratings tanking, but it’s been rocked by scandal after scandal.

Ratings Take a Dive

On January 12, the Daily Mail reported CNN’s viewership took a nosedive over the first week of the new year. It lost roughly 90% of its viewers overall. What’s worse, its viewership in the 25-to-54 demographic plummeted 86% during the first week compared to last year. In January 2021, the network averaged 822,000 viewers in the coveted demographic that appeals to advertisers. This year, only an average of 113,000 tuned in to view the network’s line-up.

Part of the reason people might not want to watch the network is because of the never-ending scandals it seems to be embroiled in.

Problematic Employees

In 2021, when CNN’s ratings really started to tank, it had a series of high-profile personnel issues. In June, commentator Jeffrey Toobin, 61, returned to work after a long suspension resulting from an incident where he was seen pleasuring himself on a Zoom call with his colleagues from The New Yorker in 2020. Although it didn’t happen at CNN, the network removed him from its panel of experts.

Toobin wasn’t the only one caught with his pants down.

At the beginning of December, CNN announced it had fired its star host: Chris Cuomo. The television host was let go after revelations that he helped his brother, disgraced former NY Governor Andrew Cuomo (D), fight back against sexual harassment allegations.

Finally, there was the CNN producer John Griffin, who was arrested by federal authorities late last year after a nearly two-year investigation into allegations that he was sexually abusing young children.

Is it any surprise viewers are fleeing?

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