CNN’s Don Lemon Claims Trump May Have Been on Drugs

CNN's Don Lemon Claims Trump May Have Been on Drugs

( – The Left has been attacking President Donald Trump non-stop since the debate on Tuesday, September 29. One of the worst allegations came from CNN. Host Don Lemon accused the commander-in-chief of the unthinkable.

Directly after the debate, Lemon and colleague Chris Cuomo discussed what they’d just watched. Lemon said he felt like he was watching a child whose “doctor had prescribed him too much Adderall.” The CNN host went on to say Trump seemed like he was “hopped up” on something because he was “overly aggressive.”

That’s quite an accusation to make of a sitting president, or anyone, for that matter. The president is passionate about the US, as he should be, and that can come off as being “aggressive,” but it’s not. Lemon’s comments were uncalled for and irresponsible, but don’t expect CNN to do anything about it.

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