College Deletes Instagram Post Spotlighting a Republican Student After Vicious Attacks

College Deletes Instagram Post Spotlighting a Republican Student After Vicious Attacks
  • Republicans continue to grapple with censorship from the Left.
  • Since the election, President Donald Trump and other Conservatives have had dozens of social media posts flagged.
  • College campuses are contributing to the culture of censorship. 
  • More and more, Republicans at higher learning institutions are being silenced.

( – Conservatives face persecution at the hands of Liberals everywhere they go. They can’t post their support for the president on social media without being censored by Big Tech. Republican speakers are protested against when they try to speak on college campuses. And now, students can’t even receive recognition without being targeted.

College Caves to Pressure

According to a November 18 College Reform report, Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, put up an Instagram post featuring the university’s Republican President Quinn Troy. The post featured a quote from the student about his work on campus.

The message from Troy stated he works with College Republicans to make sure Conservatives know there’s an avenue for them to support GOP candidates “without getting a side eye” or being called “hateful” because of their political ideology.

Shortly after the post went up, Liberals started spewing hate under it. They lashed out at the school for featuring a conservative student on the Instagram account. The Bates College Black Student Union even went as far as to say Republicans want to “kill [them], “poison [them], and push [them] into war.”

The school’s president, Clayton Spence, posted a statement on Instagram later that day announcing the decision to delete the post. Ironically, he cited the First Amendment in his statement and blamed violations on the account as a reason for the post’s removal.

Not the First Time

This episode was just one more in a long line of incidents of Democrats censoring Conservatives. It seems there are a great many people who no longer respect the foundation of our country. They think the Constitution only applies if they agree with it. How are students going to learn and become well-adjusted adults if they are being taught they don’t have to respect other people?

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