Colorado Company Sends Help to Fire-Ravaged Amazon

Colorado Company Sends Help to Fire-Ravaged Amazon
  • The 2.3 million square mile Rainforest is one of the world’s most critical ecosystems.
  • Fires have grown large enough to cause some cities to go dark with smoke.
  • Forested areas around Pará and Amazonas were the hardest hit.
  • The fires are large enough to be seen from space, devastating flora and fauna.

Wildfires continue to devastate the Amazon Rainforest. Since last year, the number of fires in the Amazon region has increased by 84%. A lot of this has to do with relaxed regulations that are allowing agriculture corporations “slash and burn” portions of the forest.

Now, Brazillian President Jair Bolsonaro claims the country cannot afford to extinguish the fires without outside help. The good news is that at least one Colorado company is willing to step up and be a hero.

Recognizing the emergent need for management of these fires, a business out of Colorado called SuperTanker sent a Boeing 747-400 Firefighting plane to help respond.

Armed with 14 crewmembers, the Boeing 747-400 can dump 19,200 gallons of water during the course of a single mission. Since their arrival on Thursday, August 22nd, the crew is said to have completed over 12 missions, having a major impact on key areas within the zone.

The CEO of SuperTanker, Dan Reese, still believes it will take ultimately take rain to slow down the damage of these wildfires in the Amazon. The world is waiting and watching to see how the future of this amazing, natural resource plays out.

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