Comics Furious After CNN Allegedly Censored Their Work

Comics Furious After CNN Censored Their Work

( – Comedian Adam Sandler has had an incredible Hollywood career. He is also an incredibly popular stand-up comedian. Recently he won a prestigious award celebrating his work, but the comics who attended the ceremony are reportedly angry at CNN.

According to a report by Page Six, CNN broadcasted the ceremony for Sandler’s Mark Twain Prize for American Comedy. For more than 20 years, PBS aired the award, but last year, CNN picked it up. This year’s ceremony was held at Washington, DC’s Kennedy Center on March 19.

The gossip outlet reported the comedians who were at the event, including David Spade and Chris Rock, were mad because CNN allegedly cut jokes from the show, for example, a handful about former President Donald Trump.

Rock is said to have made jokes about the alleged hush money payment to Stormy Daniels being “romantic” because Trump didn’t want his wife to find out about a so-called affair. He also reportedly claimed arresting the former president was only going to make him more popular. The report stated the jokes were cut from the program, and Rock was upset about it.

CNN claimed the jokes weren’t cut because of a political bias but instead because the show had to fit into a one-hour broadcasting slot and it was too long with all of them. However, reps for the Kennedy Center said its own producers with Done+Dusted production company were the ones who decided what would be included in the “live show and the final broadcast — not CNN.”

The Mark Twain Prize for American Humor is awarded to people who have had a significant impact on society in ways that are similar to Mark Twain, whose real name was Samuel Clemens. For more than 30 years, Sandler strived to do that. According to The Kennedy Center website, his movies grossed more than $3 billion worldwide and cemented his success as a “comedian, actor, writer, producer, and musician.”

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