Conflicting Senate Bids in Georgia

Conflicting Senate Bids in Georgia

( – Earlier this year, Sen. Kelly Loeffler (D-GA) took over Georgia’s vacated Senate seat. Some Republicans were unsure of how she would perform and what her stances on Trump’s impeachment would be. Although inexperienced as a senator, Loeffler is certainly learning the ropes of what it means to fill her spot in the Senate.

However, not all Republicans are comfortable with this arrangement. So, Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) is now running against Loeffler for the same seat. Collins is more popular among the Republican base and is very publicly in favor of aiding the president throughout his time in the White House.

Collins went on “Fox and Friends” this week, saying:

“I want to continue to [serve] the people of Georgia. We’re getting ready for a good time down here to keep defending this president and keep working for the people of Georgia.”

Loeffler has a vast amount of resources to allocate to her Senate bid. She’s already pledged at least $20 million for her election campaign.

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