Congress Not Taking Any Chances

Congress Not Taking Any Chances

( – It was only a matter of time before the coronavirus reached Congress. At least two members have tested positive for the virus. In light of this development, the House won’t be required to return until the Senate finishes work on another substantial stimulus package.

Those congressmen with COVID-19 are Rep. Ben McAdams (D-UT) and Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL).

Diaz-Balart first developed symptoms on March 14, just after leaving a 400-member Congressional meeting. He’s currently self-quarantining in Washington, DC. McAdams began feeling ill the same day and is isolating himself in his Utah home.

Now that the virus has reached lawmakers, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) is changing the schedule to lessen time spent in DC. He said he doesn’t intend for representatives to meet until they’re ready to vote on the third stimulus bill. Senators are expected to debate on the emergency aid package on March 23.

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  1. Come election in Nov
    Everyone remember all the crap the dems (house ) &(Senate) did &did not do for the people &the country then vote accordingly.That will be their payback!!!!!

    • The congress is playing with American’s lives. The congress is playing with impeaching the president instead of taking care of their citizens.
      The congress should be investigated for the wasting time to take action when our nation needed unity to fight this terrible worldwide health crisis killing people everyday. They opened the borders and allowed China to export their products and their virus. They failed to protect our country from our worst enemies.

  2. Pelosi and Schumer are determined to destroy America, their hatred for the Prez. has brought out their evilness and has shown how they have no respect or care for the people. These cretins are wealthy and have people doing their bidding, so as far as they are concerned we can all starve. Their lust for power is shocking, the rest of the Democrats are as guilty . The lies these cretins spout is horrifying, one thing for sure, they are following the Communist handbook to destroy and enslave us

    • Listen to the news. The democrats want the money to go the people while the Republicans want to give it the the big corporations. It didn’t trickle down before and it won’t again if they get it!!!!

  3. Nancy P. Refused at first for the House to take a break (We are the Captain of the ship. We are the last to leave.) When the shit hit the fan they left to spread it to all 50 States when they knew it would spread.
    What a great move. The people were told to self quarantine, the House was running home instead of quarantining in Washington DC.

  4. Meanwhile they get paid while we sit out here and wonder if they will ever get anything done to help the citizens. Seems even in a crisis they can’t get along especially at the top Pelosi needs to be voted out for grandstanding instead of
    really working at getting us help

  5. they should have quarantined all of the 400 where they were and not let them go home and spread the virus all over the country. way to think this through.

  6. They knew the deal when they ran for office just like a doctor or a nurse. They should be leading from the front not staying home dumping their stocks.

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