Congress Responding After Audit Reveals FBI Agents’ Rule-Breaking

Congress Responding After Audit Reveals FBI Agents' Rule-breaking

( – On March 11, the Washington Times revealed that a 2019 audit of FBI found agents violated the agency’s rules at least 747 times over 18 months while they conducted sensitive investigations. Those are probes that could impact the constitutional rights of Americans. Now, Congress is demanding answers from the FBI director about testimony he provided last year.

Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray asking about the audit, which found violations involving investigations into “politicians, candidates, religious groups, news media and others.” The representatives pointed out that the findings showed a “pattern of misconduct and mismanagement” within the FBI. They also said parts of the audit concerning investigative methods and search warrants were redacted, indicating there might have been other instances of misconduct.

The representatives asked Wray about testimony before Congress from the previous year when he claimed the FBI doesn’t investigate First Amendment groups. However, the audit allegedly calls that testimony into question. The conservative lawmakers want an unredacted copy of the audit and all other internal reviews, all of the documents related to it, what guidelines the FBI uses to determine when it will open probes, and explanations of whether the FBI has resolved its compliance issues.

Would you like to see an unredacted copy of the FBI audit?

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