Congressional Map Changes Likely After Republican Victories In Elections

What Republican Wins Mean for New Congressional Maps
  • Democrats failed to flip a single state legislature in 2020. 
  • Republicans control 59 of 98 state chambers.
  • The GOP has complete power in 24 of the 36 states where legislatures redraw the districts. 
  • This could give them power for the next decade.

( – The 2020 election wasn’t just an important year because of the presidential race; it also fell on a Census year. That means redistricting will begin in 2021. When Democrats failed to ride a blue wave to victory on Election Day, it all but solidified Republican power in state legislatures for the coming decade.

2020 Wins

Democrats went into the 2020 election hoping to flip statehouses that are currently in the GOP’s control. The party failed to flip a single one. Not only did they fail to gain control of any of the states, but they also lost New Hampshire.

There are 98 partisan state chambers; Republicans now control at least 59 of those. Of the 36 states where lawmakers redraw the congressional districts every 10 years, the GOP holds the majorities in 24 of them.

The Left is, of course, claiming their embarrassing losses are a result of gerrymandering by the GOP. The party refuses to take responsibility for its radical agenda. Democrats have also forgotten that gerrymandering to benefit political parties is not illegal.

In 2019, in the case of Rucho v. Common Cause, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts wrote a majority opinion for the high court stating partisan redistricting is “beyond the reach of the federal courts.”

What That Means For Republican Power

Republicans are now in a unique position to legally redraw the districts in those states, which could benefit the party for the next five elections. Republican State Leadership Committee President Austin Chambers said his party “beat the hell out of [Democrats], and they have nothing to show for it.”

By gaining the power to have total power over the redistricting efforts in those states, it puts the party in a better position at the national level. They will be able to put more Republicans in Congress and possibly take control back from the Democratic Party.

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